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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be referred?

No. If you would like to see if we can help, give us a call and we will set up an appointment time for you. The office is open 9-11am and 1-6pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It won’t cost you anything to see if we can help. Call (417) 886-4910 to schedule your initial appointment today!

What is one of the biggest mistakes that injury victims make?

Delayed treatment is a common mistake that injury victims make. Often times, it takes days or weeks for pain to appear after an accident. Only a chiropractor can tell if a chiropractor can help you. While pain pills and muscle relaxers may provide some relief, they only mask your pain. If you’ve been in a car wreck, get checked right away. Call (417) 886-4910 for immediate scheduling today!

What will happen if I don’t have any treatment?

It can led to chronic back and neck pain, headache, dizziness, etc that develop into premature spinal arthritis. We have seen too many injury victims settle their claim without being checked out by a professional chiropractic physician who deals with auto accident injuries. Call (417) 886-4910 today and let us help you along the road to recovery!

How much will I have to pay?

Our goal is for each patient to pay absolutely nothing. We want to eliminate the financial barrier so the injured patient can focus on getting well instead of worrying about how they are going to pay for treatment. The cost of treatment is paid by insurance. Call (417) 886-4910 and begin the journey toward recovery with no-out-of-pocket expense!

What is a soft tissue injury?

Soft tissue injuries are commonly seen in auto accidents. While they do not involve any broken bones, they do create a micro tearing of the muscles. This serious injury is commonly known as “whiplash” and immediate treatment is needed. Call (417) 886-4910 for immediate scheduling today!

How do you get a soft tissue injury?

A strain/sprain soft tissue injury is caused when the affected body part, such as the cervical spine (neck) for example, is so forcefully and suddenly moved and over stretched. This causes a micro tearing of the muscles or ligaments and the tear is usually a partial incomplete tear. You may not fully realize the significance of your injury, and this is why it is so important to seek immediate, professional treatment. Call (417) 886-4910 and let us help you return to better health!

Can anyone give you an adjustment?

Chiropractors and only chiropractors, are trained and licensed to perform a chiropractic adjustment. Call (417) 886-4910 for immediate scheduling today!

Is physical therapy the same as chiropractic care?

No, physical therapy it is not the same as chiropractic care. Only a chiropractor is properly trained to do spinal adjustments. Contact Carmichael Chiropractic and Auto Accident Rehab (417) 886-4910 and begin the road to recovery!

The emergency room said that I was OK. But when the pain pills ran out, the pain came back. What should I do?
“No broken bones” does not mean “no injury”. Pain pills and muscle relaxers only cover the symptoms and do not fix the problem. Call (417) 886-4910 for immediate scheduling.

At the scene of the accident, I told the police officer that I was OK, but the next morning I was in pain.

What should I do?

Many people are injured in accidents, but are unaware of their injuries for hours, even days. Call (417) 886-4910 for your no out-of-pocket expense evaluation today!

The other driver didn’t have any insurance. How will my bills be paid?

In that case, the uninsured motorist insurance on the vehicle you occupied would ultimately be responsible for your medical bills. If there is Med-Pay coverage on your vehicle, it would help pay for treatment as well. Call (417) 886-4910 for immediate scheduling and begin the journey to better health!

If I use my own auto med-pay coverage to pay for care, will my premiums go up?

No. If you were not at fault your insurance company cannot, by law, raise your premiums. Call (417) 886-4910 for immediate scheduling and let us help you down the road to recovery!

The Serious Dangers Of Whiplash

Please be sure to seek treatment immediately.

Whiplash is not caused by a powerful head injury, or any type of contact injury. It is actually caused by a sudden, powerful and forceful movement of the neck and head that commonly occurs in auto accidents.

Facts About Whiplash

Here are some important facts you should know.

  • A large number of auto injury victims go untreated since the injury is not visible.
  • The long term consequences of untreated soft tissue injury are not immediately evident.
  • Pain pills mask a whiplash injury but do not repair the injury, and so the pain returns.
  • The body begins to respond to a tissue damage injury right away by forming scar tissue.
  • After an injury, the body begins filling the damaged area with collagen instead of new cells.
  • Untreated injuries result in a permanent misalignment of the body due to the new scar tissue.
  • Once the invisible disc and joint degeneration has begun to take place, it is there to stay.
  • Full healing takes months, but the first 6-8 weeks is a critical time period for primary healing.
  • Chiropractic care reduces the harmful effects of auto injuries by improving the way it heals.

If you or a loved one has any of the symptoms of whiplash, it is vital that you seek treatment immediately. Call Carmichael Chiropractic today at (417) 886-4910 to schedule your initial consultation.


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